Du Mishmash

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  •  Du Mishmash | MERMAID-


€ 789.00


DU-MISHMASH  established in 2016 by the Fashion Designer/ Creative Director Fatima Hamad Aljutaili.
Everything in DU-MISHMASH should be embroidered ,and embellished , and handmade.
(DU) means "THE" In French , (MISHMASH) means a mixture of different kinds of things and object in one place . meaning that in each denim jacket we combine and use different kind of the material of fabric ,beads, and wires.
DU-MISHMASH is a brand that focuses on quality , time , and uniqueness.
all our denim jackets are handcrafted by hand , no two pieces will be exact replicas.
MERMAID: Represents love , freedom , charm it comes in light blue denim combined with pink ,off-white , and light blue beads.

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